What is the difference between typical ANC and noise reduction algorithm technology?
Timbre’s noise reduction algorithm is a technology upgraded to next level, it makes noise reduction not only periodicity but also non-periodicity in full bandwidth without limiting bandwidth. So, it delivers the call voice to person on the other end of the line.
How can I charge the Bluetooth products?
Timbre provides you a certificated USB micro 5pin cable with the product package. You can easily charge the product using this cable.
I’m trying to use the Timbre’s Bluetooth product for the first time but the headset is powered off by itself pairing mode.
Timbre’s BT product to your mobile phone by Bluetooth. To do this action, entering on pairing mode, register and pair the earset. If you do not do this action within 2 minutes, headset (or earset)’s power is turned off by itself to save battery power.
Can I change the Bluetooth name registered in mobile phone?
Yes, if it is in pairing mode, you can change the Bluetooth name (Timbre’s product name) in set-up window of ‘connected device’ of mobile phone.
How long can I use the Timbre’s Bluetooth product fully charged?
It is available calls about 5~6hours according product model.
What is the Timbre’s product of strong point?
Timbre believes to have an industry’s best technology of bone conduction transducer. We tried to take quality of bone conduction transducer to the next level, we finally have obtained the achievements by shrinking, reducing weight, reducing power, increasing frequency bandwidth. Additionally, we have a BCT with clean and balanced sound quality applying independent technology for sound tuning and mechanism design.
Is the sound leaking out?
Timbre has applied the unique technology of sound tuning and mechanical design to develop the bone conduction transducer which minimizes the phenomenon of leaking sound while achieving superior sound quality.
But, it can be further minimized that by use’s best wearing method. The best position for bone conduction is ‘temple in which front of your ear’.
I seem to sound smaller than typical headset.
The needed input power of bone conduction headset is higher than typical headset. So, you should use the higher volume to 2~3 level than typical headset when you use the bone conduction headset. You can increase the volume up a little bit, but, please do not turn up too much volume for your auditory health.
Is this product has water resistance?
This has Basic water resistance against raindrop, sweat etc. but, we don’t recommend to wear our product while doing watersports such as swimming, surfing, water-skiing etc. Also, please do not submerse the product in water.

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