Bone Conduction Earset

Combine Bone conduction transducer with dynamic speaker, creating a new generation of powerful dual-balancing speakers.
The EZ-90N is a hybrid earset with a new technology dual speaker that delivers dynamic vividness and exceptional range.

Type of Speaker
Dual Balanced Speaker(Combining with Bone Conduction Transducer and Tweeter)
Impedance of Speaker
10Ω±20% (1kHz)
Sensitivity of Speaker
102dB ± 3dB (dB re 20 uPa/V)
Type of Mic.
Omni-directional mic
Sensitivity of mic
-42dB ± 3dB


Bone Conduction Earset


- Type of speaker: Dual balanced speaker (combining with bone conduction transducer and tweeter)
- Impedance of speaker: 10Ω±20% (1kHz)
- Sensitivity of speaker (1kHz) 100mV rms : 102dB ± 3dB (dB re 20 uPa/V)
- Normal input power (1kHz) 223mV rms : 5mW.
- Max. input power (1kHz) 346mV rms : 12mW
- Type of mic: Omni-directional mic
- Impedance of mic: Max. 2.2 ㏀ (@ 1 KHz)
- Sensitivity of mic: -42dB ± 3dB (@ 1 KHz / 2.0V / 2.2㏀ / 0dB=1V/Pa )
- Plug: Gold plated Φ3.5mm.
- Weight of earphone: 15g

● Components
- Carrying case
- Silicon eartips (S, M each 1 set)
- User manual & warranty card.


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