Timber's top priority is to be the company that provides the best bone conduction headset preferred by customers around the world.

Timbre believes that people who have to use a headset in their workplace and their daily lives should not only be given the best sound quality but also have a headset that would ease physical discomfort and be comfortable to wear. So, we started developing BCT headset.

Timbre provides customers bone conduction headset with the highest sound quality, audio experience so it seems like “talking in the same room as the other person”, enabling them to exchange information with the clarity and ease.

We will always do our best to make products that customers experience and recognize as the best there is.

“Timbre” is our mission and company name with our strong will to “create a speakers that a new level of perfect sound that has never existed in the world and bring amazing experiences and satisfaction to customers around the world.”

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